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The (Uranium) Mailbox Question That Got Away

From The Maven Letter | August 24, 2022
By Gwen Preston

Last week I answered a reader's question and the answer I provided, which ended up a lengthy discussion of the latest in the uranium market. Then the news hit that Japan will expedite its return to nuclear power, more than a decade after the Fukushima disaster. I added that info following the original response…which turned this into a major article. Click the following link to read The Mailbox Question That Got Away!

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28 year investor. This is by far the best description I have ever seen of what's happening and what's going to happen in the uranium space. You are amazing.

-MM (September 2021)

I’m 82 in 2 months. Having subscribed to numerous news letters since 30 years, I can say sincerely, yours has been absolutely the best, well, at least the one that I preferred the most. I have seen so many “pump and dump” letters. But even compared to good ones like Doug Casey’s Int’l Speculator and others, you are on top of the list I would recommend to any friend.

You always tell it like it is, no bull****, you say when you buy or sell, and not leave the reader wondering what you actually mean. Having a Portfolio update regularly also helps so much. Really, you're the best!

-AR (February 2022)