I started The Maven Letter in 2014 because resource investing is hard but generates handsome rewards in a good market. I want every interested investor to be able to profit from this opportunity, whether they have time and expertise or not. Because most don’t – but I do. I’ve been researching, writing about, and investing in metals and mining stocks for 15 years. I know the space, the people, the patterns, and the signs.

I’ve led my subscribers into multiple ten-bagger discovery wins, several stocks that got taken over, and all kinds of trades that spat out strong gains because I knew to take advantage of macro patterns or new deals or promising projects.

Not every trade works. That’s investing for you, especially with exploration. But the dramatic gains when a discovery comes through, or a stock gets taken over, or a mine gets built and starts producing, or a macro theme lifts the entire sector – these big gains far more than make up for the losses.

And that’s the key: when betting on explorers and miners, you have to increase your odds. Investing against the macro tide never works. Most explorers won’t ever drill into a discovery. Lots of companies pushing small assets along won’t ever shine. It takes an expert to pick out the teams and projects with good if not great odds of success and to do it at the right time. Following in those expert footsteps is how Resource Maven subscribers increase their odds.


Great job Gwen... you are becoming the most credible in the world at this... Bravo

-JA (June 1, 2020)

I am very impressed by your research....I do believe [it] is worth the money. I subscribe to your YouTube channel. Thank you very much. You have taught me a lot.

-NE (April 2022)