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Mailbox: When To Buy Gold Majors

From The Maven Letter | July 13, 2022
By Gwen Preston

I realize that the bottom has fallen out, or is continuing to fall out, for all gold stocks.
What to do?

I remember about a year ago that you mentioned that you bought the stocks of a
number of majors when the March 2020 dive occurred.

Is that same opportunity for stocks and/or options for the gold majors on the horizon?

- Reader DD

Great question! Short answer is yes. The challenge will be timing, of course...

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In her letter, Resource Maven explains what she is buying and selling, and why. Maven has bought into several of the markets best - performing stocks well ahead of the curve. She regularly identifies exciting new exploration opportunities and manages the inherent risk by selling some into speculative gains. And the mine builder and operator stocks that form the basis of the portfolio give strong, ongoing leverage to the rising prices of gold and silver. She has your precious metal bases covered.

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I am 74 years old and despite my age, my risk tolerance is still considerable. I like base metals, but most of all I like the mine stocks you cover in your Maven letter. Thanks again for your kindness and congratulations on your work.

-- RC (January 2022)

"Gwen - I just analyzed our returns for the past month. We had a 36.7% return on our portfolio in one month! Thank you so much for your excellent, thoughtful and timely guidance. 12 of the 18 stocks in my portfolio were recommended by you. 4 were recommended by other MIF letter writers and 1 each by Eric Sprott and Rick Rule. Yes it was a good month for precious metals - Gold was up $50 and Silver $3.90 - but “our" portfolio performance more than doubled the 16% of the GDXJ"


-WJ (June 1, 2020)