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Investors turn to gold for recession-proof gains. When we’re through the recession the bull market will spread to base metals because the world is very short of the copper, silver, uranium, and other metals integral to the green revolution.

Gold is shining as a secure port in a storm of inflation, rate and debt worries, recession fears, and risk resets.

Looking further ahead, there are nowhere close to enough mines to meet the metals demand that keeps ramping higher.

The only answer is higher prices for metals and the companies that find and produce metals.

There is a metals bull market coming, with big rewards for those who are positioned.

The Maven Letter is an independent perspective on investment opportunities in the mining sector, written by an expert investor about how she is positioning her portfolio, and with particular focus on the junior companies that explore for new discoveries and build new mines.

The Maven Letter is supported by readers who subscribe to see what Gwen is buying, selling, and thinking.

Maven Publishing and Gwen Preston never take money from companies for coverage.


I am a metals and mining expert, and I explain it all – my thoughts, my buys, and my sells – in a weekly newsletter.

I cut my mining teeth as a reporter for the esteemed newspaper The Northern Miner and now spend my days analyzing the macroeconomic and metals landscape and searching for stocks with outsize potential.

I have a BSc in Chemistry and a Master of Journalism (MJ), which help me understand exploration and explain complex issues to my readers so they can make an informed decision.

Resource Maven publications are guides to investing in the metals and mining space.

The flagship Maven Letter helps investors understand everything from the macroeconomic setup to details like how financings impact share prices and how to assess jurisdictional risk.

Importantly, it is also a chronicle of what Gwen Preston is buying and selling in her portfolio to take advantage of the immense opportunities this space offers to investors who are in the know.

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