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IGWT: Silver’s Inflation Conundrum

From Silver Stock Investor: July 2022
By Peter Krauth

Incrementum fund management produces the outstanding annual In Gold We Trust Report. Thankfully, again this year they’ve dedicated a section to silver: Silver’s Inflation Conundrum.

Read my thoughts on the report here.

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The change is terrific for two reasons: it's current and concise. I suspect it really isn't that much harder for you to do since you always have opinions on the companies anyway. For me it provides current assessment without having to wait for an occasional update.... Another comment on your service is that you cover way more companies than I want to invest in but that provides me with a selection. I've always considered advisors as desperately needed filteres in the dog eat dog investment world. Keep up the good work

-BJ (September 2019)

Hi there, just a quick note to say how impressed I am with all the work you and your team do.
I started a few months back, and I'm sure in it for the long haul.
All the best

-G (Netherlands) (Jan 2018)