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  • The Maven Letter

    The Maven Letter is my focus: a weekly newsletter keeping subscribers up to date on important mining sector happenings, developments and ideas around macroeconomics and metals pricing, and news from companies in the Maven portfolio. The letter also offers new investment recommendations when opportunities arise as well as notes from trips taken to visit projects around the world.

    The concept is to share with subscribers what I am buying, what I am selling, and why. I do not buy before I recommend and I do not sell before I say. I believe in managing risk and therefore recommend partial or full sells when stocks are up. I do not accept money or shares from companies in exchange for coverage.

    The Maven portfolio is kept up to date on the website, with entry prices, risk management moves, and updates for each stock all tracked.

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  • Maven Premium

    Maven Premium is designed to give active retail investors the opportunity to participate in good mining sector financings. When I find a good financing, one that I plan to invest in, I secure a large allocation and send word to Premium subscribers. I describe the company, stage, people, and the rationale for and terms of the raise. Those who wish to participate are guaranteed at least some allocation.

    The rationale behind Premium is that good financings are an important way to increase your odds of investing success. They happen when companies are just getting going and therefore are cheap. They often include warrants. The challenge is that good financings get filled before they are announced, or are impossible to identify unless you know the people and the overall plans.

    With my connections, I am able to not only learn about good financing opportunities but secure room in those placements for my Premium subscribers. That is why I offer Premium: because I think engaged retail investors deserve the chance to invest like an industry insider.

    I do not take finders fees from companies on the amounts raised through my subscribers, because that would incentivize me to offer financings for the fees. That is not the business; the business is to profit by investing in good placements and to bring Premium subscribers along for the ride.

    The Maven Letter is included in a Maven Premium subscription.

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  • Maven Metals

    Maven Metals is a monthly newsletter that is dedicated to the generalist investor who wants low risk leverage to a rising metals market.

    If you see risks rising and returns sliding in the broad markets and want to proactively position your portfolio to profit in these later stages of a global economic expansion and long bull market run, metals are the sector for you.

    Metals offer rare value and upside right now. To maximize this investment opportunity, you need an expert on your side.

    Why Maven Metals?

    • Metals reliably outperform the market in the late phases of economic expansion – demand simply outstrips supply
    • In a highly valued stock market with rising volatility and risk, metals & mining stocks offer rare fundamental value and upside
    • The energy metals movement is further fuelling this opportunity – from copper to cobalt, the world is very short of the metals essential to electrification
    • The metals argument is simple: global growth + rising inflation + insufficient metal supply = mining stocks are set to soar. And their outperformance will be all the more impressive against a broad stock market where returns are diminishing and risks rising
    • Metals are complicated. Which metal and why? When? Which kind of company – explorer, producer, royalty player? What risks? And finally, what should I actually own? Maven Metals is designed to provide those answers, from a sector expert who explains the situation and outlines what she is doing with her own money
    • Maven Metals provides guidance and insight to the generalist investor interested in metals – why metals offer opportunity and how to invest in the sector.
    • Each month the letter (1) tackles a useful topic in metals investing (What is the outlook for copper? What really drives gold? How do I choose between an ETF and a miner for low-risk metals exposure? Why does the metals sector have such seasonality?) with a concise breakdown of the important points, (2) explains a particular investment opportunity in detail, and (3) goes through the stocks in the Maven Metals portfolio with updated insight and actions

    Resource Maven is that expert

    • She is a scientist and journalist who has spent the last decade focused exclusively on metals and mining. Through investment experience, site visits around the world, endless self-education about economics and geology, and a strong network of friends and colleagues in the sector, she either knows or can figure out the answer to almost any metals and mining question
    • Every investment starts with a broad fundamental argument combining macroeconomics and metal supply-demand fundamentals
    • If the fundamentals work, it’s on to specifics. Why this stock versus other options? What are the risks? What are the expectations?
    • Gwen invests across the metals sector, from early-stage exploration to big diversified miners. In Maven Metals she explains the lower-risk part of her portfolio. The Maven Letter tracks her higher-risk investments.
    • Gwen is independent and objective. She never takes payment of any sort from companies for coverage.
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In her letter, Resource Maven explains what she is buying and selling, and why. Maven has bought into several of the markets best - performing stocks well ahead of the curve. She regularly identifies exciting new exploration opportunities and manages the inherent risk by selling some into speculative gains. And the mine builder and operator stocks that form the basis of the portfolio give strong, ongoing leverage to the rising prices of gold and silver. She has your precious metal bases covered.

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Thank you for the update. I am actually quite glad that you are flexible with your letters to enable you to get your readers the best information. And, I appreciate your offer to join the premium newsletter. I hope to continue to build my portfolio, with the help of your newsletter, to the point where I am able to take advantage of your offer and join the pp world in the not too distant future. I have really enjoyed your newsletter, read it with interest and have aligned my commodity portfolio with your recommendations, which has worked out very well. You are clearly a very trustworthy person, which is not always commone in the world of commodity investing. Thank yo for doing what you do so the small retail investor/speculator like me can have a better chance at success.

-RR (September 2019)

Hi Gwen: I was going to write a couple of days ago because I had not received anything regarding my subscription, so was happy to receive this yesterday.

I guess it was sometime in 2017 when I first subscribed to the Maven Letter because I was very disappointed with where my _____ newsletter subscriptions were going. I have been very pleased with both the style and contents of the letter, it reflects my interest in the junior market. I was really pleased with your excellent piece in the last issue regarding PP's and "free trade dates". But, more than anything I thank you for the Premium Service. It is a service that is excellent. In the past year we have had a number of issues that have soared and others that have been just great. There has only been one that disappointed, but even on that one I managed to almost break even and still have the warrants. Many thanks for a job well done.


-B (September 2020)