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The Beginning of the End? The End of the Beginning?

The Fed did just what everyone expected and raised rates by 25 basis points. That’s the tenth hike in just over a year and brings the Fed funds rate to 5-5.25%.

It’s either the beginning of the end (if you think the Fed has hiked us into a recession) or the end of the beginning (if you think a soft landing or persistent inflation scenario is likely).

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Peter, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your excellent work and insights. Amazingly, about a week before SVB's collapse, I had found your book The Great Silver Bull and devoured it. Since then, I first became a monthly and now an annual subscriber to your Silver Stock Investor newsletter—fantastic work throughout!

In the simplest language I can muster... prior to getting interested in precious metals investing, my investments were wallowing... and now they're not. I'm re-engaged in my investment journey again, and your calm, clear voice in a space inhabited by many yellers, screamers, and doomsdayers makes all the difference.

--KH (May 2023)

BTW - I really enjoy reading your newsletter - very comprehensive and you do an excellent job of integrating a macro perspective into your analysis.

-RC (August 2019)