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Why Investing in Metals Supports a Sustainable Future

Every electric vehicle needs 2.5 times more copper, twice as much manganese, and 180 kg of other metals that aren’t even used in combustion engine vehicles.

Solar panels don’t work without silver. Every wind turbine uses some 215 tons of steel.

Going green does not mean using less metal. In fact, the opposite is true: the green transition is dramatically increasing global metal needs.

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have been investing in the precious metals space for about 20 years so I am more comfortable using your geological knowledge as a guide for my portfolio but when it comes to uranium that is an entirely new field where I am not as familiar with grades, jurisdiction value, etc. so I prefer some stability with the effort to play the market. Your reply offered just that!

-MD (February 2022)

Besides your far superior record, your format is the best I’ve seen in PM newsletters. It’s so easy to go back for older info on companies when appraising my portfolio. This compliment is from someone who has hired about a dozen letter writers so it has perspective. Keep up the good work.

-BJ (Feb 13, 2018)