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Mega Mailbox: Carbon Streaming, Effects of Inflation, and Diversifying Your Junior Mining Portfolio

From The Maven Letter, April 13, 2022
By Gwen Preston

I answered a host of questions, including when I will add a carbon credit streaming company to the portfolio, how inflation, uncertainty, and risk sentiment impact investment potential across the gold space, and how to build a diversified mining portfolio. There were also two company-specific questions - but those were for subscribers' eyes only!

Click the image above or the link to read Mega Mailbox: Carbon Streaming, Effects of Inflation, and Diversifying Your Junior Mining Portfolio.

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Thanks for all your hard work, but especially your honesty and integrity. I can feel your desire to take of us through your writing. As you have recently written, that is not always the case in this sector….I’m sure your new subscribers have no idea what they are in store for. I have almost doubled my portfolio since the lows in March. I would have done even better if I could have exited my positions when you recommended them, but I was overseas and unable to act. I was okay with it as I knew from experience it would bounce back. and boy has it AND ITS JUST STARTING!... After many years in the red, all but of a couple of stocks are in the green. The daily rise in my portfolio is unbelievable. And a lot of that is happening is because I trusted you. I’m afraid I’m going to need the benefits of your hard work and wisdom to once again help my family and because of all your hard work I’ll be able to if they need it. I can’t thank you enough for the sacrifices you make to make what you do possible. If your religious at all, you really are doing God’s work. You are making a difference in many peoples lives.

Blessings upon you and your family.



-PM (June 1, 2020)

28 year investor. This is by far the best description I have ever seen of what's happening and what's going to happen in the uranium space. You are amazing.

-MM (September 2021)