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Mailbox: Sigma Lithium Resources

From The Maven Letter | February 22, 2023
By Gwen Preston

You sold half of your Sigma position last week because of worry the lithium market will soften in 2023. Days later Bloomberg said Tesla is looking to acquire SGML in a tight lithium market. Care to comment?

-Reader GM

Of course that would happen!

To defend myself, here’s my Action decision in its entirety (click here to read the full article).

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I am very impressed by your research....I do believe [it] is worth the money. I subscribe to your YouTube channel. Thank you very much. You have taught me a lot.

-NE (April 2022)


You were 100% right in todays prediction. I bought in at the times you said, in the method you said (Twice) I have enjoyed the gains!

Thank you for your help and guidance as always.

-EB (April 12, 2020)