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Conference Thoughts: Dealing for Size, Supplies & Staying Power

From The Maven Letter | March 15, 2023
By Gwen Preston

PDAC says 23,819 people attended this year’s conference. It’s an impressive number after a modest show last year and a missed show in 2021. And you might think such strong attendance suggested good investor interest in the mining space.

But the newsletter writer session, which is arguably the best place in a sprawling conference to gauge retail investor interest, looked different.

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I am very impressed by your research....I do believe [it] is worth the money. I subscribe to your YouTube channel. Thank you very much. You have taught me a lot.

-NE (April 2022)

I'm one of your new subscribers (by way of and just want to belatedly thank you for the recent sell recommendation that saved me quite a bit of money. (I also follow a few other mining newsletters, and, like so many other financial analysts, they were too hesitant and biased against putting out sell alerts.) And I find your newsletters very nicely done in general.

Kind regards!

-TA (April 6, 2020)