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Investors Aren’t Buying Anything (Economic Data Be Damned)

From The Maven Letter | October 19, 2022
By Gwen Preston

It’s been a relatively quiet week in the markets. Though I should emphasize ‘relatively’ in that sentence – things have been so chaotic of late that ‘quiet’ just means nothing moved in historic ways.

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Your sincerity and good nature come through in your writings, now punctuated by your personal reply to my e-mail. I’ve been very pleased as a subscriber and even more so now. GREATLY appreciated!!

-SA (April 2022)

Hi Gwen,

Thank you so much for this excellent Maven letter. Your market analysis and logic is again exceptional. Your insights, knowledge and feel have given me a wonderful couple of hours. I am now planning my activity. I look forward to seeing you tonight on the Virtual Metals forum, I am pleased that you start first as I am a morning not a night person.

I hope you and your family stay well.

Best Regards,


-CLB (May 14, 2020)