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A Silly And Unsurprising FED Suprise

From The Maven Letter, April 6 2022
By Gwen Preston

For years now the Fed has worked to communicate clearly and signal its intentions ahead so as to never take the market by surprise.

Yet despite all those efforts, somehow there are still key pieces of information that are not communicated.

Today is a prime example. After the Fed’s last meeting in mid-March, the statement communicated a 25-basis point raise and a more aggressive rate-hiking outlook from all members. In the press conference following, Fed chair Powell said the committee had discussed balance sheet reduction but not made any firm decisions.

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You were 100% right in todays prediction. I bought in at the times you said, in the method you said (Twice) I have enjoyed the gains!

Thank you for your help and guidance as always.

-EB (April 12, 2020)

Your "Maven Letter" has totally blown me away! I was thinking one of your letters would be a 2 or maybe 3 page letter about one or two mining companies. Instead, each one is a detailed report. Bravo to you for such great detail.

-CY (February 2021)