Silver: Was $18 The Bottom?


"Gwen - I just analyzed our returns for the past month. We had a 36.7% return on our portfolio in one month! Thank you so much for your excellent, thoughtful and timely guidance. 12 of the 18 stocks in my portfolio were recommended by you. 4 were recommended by other MIF letter writers and 1 each by Eric Sprott and Rick Rule. Yes it was a good month for precious metals - Gold was up $50 and Silver $3.90 - but “our" portfolio performance more than doubled the 16% of the GDXJ"


-WJ (June 1, 2020)

Peter, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your excellent work and insights. Amazingly, about a week before SVB's collapse, I had found your book The Great Silver Bull and devoured it. Since then, I first became a monthly and now an annual subscriber to your Silver Stock Investor newsletter—fantastic work throughout!

In the simplest language I can muster... prior to getting interested in precious metals investing, my investments were wallowing... and now they're not. I'm re-engaged in my investment journey again, and your calm, clear voice in a space inhabited by many yellers, screamers, and doomsdayers makes all the difference.

--KH (May 2023)