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Jun 15, 2021 - Jun 15, 2021
Virtual Investor Webinar: Newfoundland Gold Alliance

Virtual Investor Webinar: Newfoundland Gold Alliance

Jun 3, 2021 - Jun 3, 2021
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Metals Investor Forum

May 20, 2021
The Money Show

The Money Show

Apr 20, 2021 - Apr 22, 2021


In her letter, Resource Maven explains what she is buying and selling, and why. Maven has bought into several of the markets best - performing stocks well ahead of the curve. She regularly identifies exciting new exploration opportunities and manages the inherent risk by selling some into speculative gains. And the mine builder and operator stocks that form the basis of the portfolio give strong, ongoing leverage to the rising prices of gold and silver. She has your precious metal bases covered.


Hi there, just a quick note to say how impressed I am with all the work you and your team do.
I started a few months back, and I'm sure in it for the long haul.
All the best

-G (Netherlands) (Jan 2018)

Great letter this morning Gwen. I am not "all aboard" with your picks but your understanding of how best to manage a high risk portfolio is second to none. And I did buy a lot of G when you made the call and sold it about a month later for a very healthy gain. Thank you very much!
As for "shiny ponies" that are moving on anticipation and will move big on good news, you need to get on the BAY train. Just sayin’..........

-PL (June 7, 2018)