Uranium Update

There are no large events to report on the uranium front. But there are a good number of developments that collectively pack a bullish punch. Read my thoughts here.

The Beginning of the End? The End of the Beginning?

The Fed did just what everyone expected and raised rates by 25 basis points. That’s the tenth hike in just over a year and brings the Fed funds rate to 5-5.25%. It’s either the beginning of the end (if you think the Fed has hiked us into a recession) or the end of the beginning […]

Why Investing in Metals Supports a Sustainable Future

Every electric vehicle needs 2.5 times more copper, twice as much manganese, and 180 kg of other metals that aren’t even used in combustion engine vehicles. Solar panels don’t work without silver. Every wind turbine uses some 215 tons of steel. Going green does not mean using less metal. In fact, the opposite is true: […]

Central Banks Love Gold

As much as central banks would like us to believe otherwise, they know better than most the value of holding gold. And their actions of the past 13 years has been nothing short of breathtaking. Click here to read Central Banks Love Gold.

Did The Gold Bull Market Just Start With a JOLT?

Gold staked out a new trading level above $2000 per oz. It did so quickly and has held steady since. The impetus was the JOLTS report (Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey). Read the full article here.

Inflation is Sticky

As much as central banks would like us to believe that they have a handle on inflation, I just don’t see that being the case. Click the following link to read Inflation is Sticky.

The Craziness Continues

If you had been on vacation and not seen the news for the last month and then you returned to see this gold chart, you would know you’d missed some major things. Click the following link to read The Craziness Continues.

The Need to Feed

Only a few months ago, the world reached a major milestone: our population topped 8 billion people. This is a big deal. Click here to read The Need to Feed.