Subscribers get full exposure to Gwen’s search for resource stocks with real potential. The search incorporates all the factors that play into a company’s odds of success:

  • The markets. Gwen launched Resource Maven in late 2014 for a reason: the best time to invest is at the bottom and the metals markets are there. The pending bull cycle will offer a rare opportunity to multiply money as demand bests supply for many metals, prices climb, and investors return to the very real resource market.
  • Geology. Before all else, a project has to offer prospective geology. With a background in chemistry and many years on the job, Gwen understands the basics of geology. When the talk gets too technical, she has a list of experienced geologists she is lucky to call friends who help her understand and assess.
  • Location. Politics, fiscal regimes, social considerations, and infrastructure can make or break a project. Understanding these issues is essential in selecting resource investments with real potential.
  • Money. Raising money for exploration is not easy; finding funds to build a mine is even harder. Success depends on the right kind of promotion, tight financial management, strong negotiating skills, and above all else retaining a focus on building shareholder value. It is here that the people running a company really matter.
  • Subscribers get a view into that process through Gwen’s regular commentaries.
  • Subscribers also get the conclusions: which stocks are set to rise and why.

The 3 Subscription Options

Maven Metals

Maven Metals provides guidance and insight to the generalist investor interested in metals. The letter goes through why metals offer opportunity and how to invest in the sector. Each month the letter tackles a useful topic in metals investing, such as:

  • What is the outlook for copper?
  • What really drives gold?
  • How do I choose between an ETF and a miner for low-risk metals exposure?
  • Why does the metals sector have such seasonality

It includes a concise breakdown of the important points and explains a particular investment opportunity in detail, going through the stocks in the Maven Metals portfolio with updated insight and actions.

The Maven Letter

The Maven Letter is a weekly newsletter that tracks where Maven is putting her money to generate big returns in the exploration and mining space. The Letter also keeps engaged metals investors up to date on important mining sector happenings, developments around macroeconomics and metals pricing, and news from companies in the Maven portfolio.

Understanding what resource news matters and why is the first step. Turning knowledge into investment success is the second step - and that is where a subscription to The Maven Weekly can help. Issued every Wednesday, excepting holidays. Frequency reduced to biweekly in July and August.

Maven Premium

Maven premium is designed to give active retail investors the opportunity to participate in good mining sector financings – the kind that are hard to find out about or get into. When I find a good financing, one that I plan to invest in, I secure a large allocation and send word to Premium subscribers.

Every issue discusses significant mining sector news, delves into the latest macroeconomic and metal price movements, and assesses news released by Maven portfolio companies. Whenever opportunities arise the letter also explains new investment recommendations and takes readers along on site visits.

Maven Metals One Year (Only includes the Maven Metals Letter)$99
Maven Letter via Monthly Autobilling (Includes Maven Metals subscription)$40
Maven Letter One Year (Includes Maven Metals subscription)$480
Maven Premium Alert Service  (Includes Maven Letter + Maven Metals subscriptions)
*Note: Effective September 1, 2019, Maven Premium Alert Service increased to $5,000/year.

*Note: If you are already subscribed to the Maven Letter you do not have to purchase Maven Metals, it will automatically be sent to you each month.