Why Solar Panels Need Silver

If you’ve been reading my research even for a short while, you know that I believe solar panels will be a significant driver of silver demand going forward. Read my thoughts by clicking here or the button below.

Mailbox: Heliostar

Last week’s interim note started with Mailbox, answering a question on the risks around Heliostar (HSTR.V). That’s your free article for this week! Click the button below or here to read my thoughts.

Carbon Credits: Essential and Undervalued

Carbon credits are two things: the mechanism that enables emitting industries to target net zero emissions and the market that encourages new carbon reduction or removal projects by giving value to carbon. Carbon credits are a key part of the green transition as mandated by governments around the world. But the double whammy of recession […]

Rates Steady, Inflation Dropping…Unicorn Potential Rising

It was a big week for data that I will discuss only in brief. First big release: May inflation numbers. CPI rose 4% in May, the lowest pace since March 2021. Falling fuel prices helped pull the number down but even Core CPI, which excludes food and energy, fell to 5.2% from 5.5% in April. […]

So Many Pipers, So Little Paying…But Look! AI!

Following two terrible weeks in the junior mining space, shares generally moved sideways while precious metals regained some lost ground. Not inspiring confidence but at least it didn’t leave me wondering why I bother. Read my thoughts for this week here.

In Gold We Trust, 2023: SHOWDOWN

The highly anticipated annual In Gold We Trust (IGWT) report for 2023 was recently released. Their silver section, Silver’s Time to Shine? does an excellent job of reviewing the silver market and potential. Read my thoughts here.