Sailing Against The Wind

Sailing is on the brain. I’m off to Alaska tomorrow, to join my parents as they explore the Panhandle on their 31-foot sailboat. I’m just a touch excited. Getting the boat from Victoria to Ketchikan was not easy. When there was wind, it was usually against them. Tides are big up there this time of […]

Turn Back Time

Continental Gold (TSX: CNL) released a preliminary economic assessment of its Buritica project in Colombia earlier this week, which was roundly applauded for its strength and conservative approach. On the news Continental’s share price gained 52¢ in two days to reach $2.53. Gold price gains on those days certainly helped but CNL’s 26% gain doubled […]

Calling It

I’ve been saying for weeks that we are at a broad bottom, that the worst of the pummeling is over. My certainty has increased since Nov. 5th, when the price of gold and the Venture index both hit multi-year lows. The Venture closed at 747 points on Nov. 5th, its lowest since late 2008, the […]

Bold Little Deals

A merger here, an acquisition there. A financing, a new listing. Gold prices may be trembling and swaths of companies flirting with their 52-week lows, but deals continue to get done. More deals will surface in the coming weeks. Individually, none seem very exciting. Collectively, they show a sector using today’s opportunities to prepare for […]

Uranium Returns

The uranium spot price added another US$2 per lb. on Friday to reach US$39, marking a 40% gain in three months. In those same three months, uranium equities are down more than 20%. The gap grew because, while Fukushima continues to loom over the sector, uranium remains part logic, part emotion. On the logic front, […]

Lunar Cycles and Puking Camels

I have spent hours, days even, immersed in technical analyses of the price of gold, the sustainability of the Dow’s rise, the duration (and endpoint???) of the Venture’s slide, the copper supply-demand-stockpile situation, and whatever other data seemed important that day. I have spent an equal amount of time reading about the randomness of the […]

Third Time’s a Charm

When the economic crisis hit in 2008, I was not yet an investor. I spent my days researching mining stocks as an objective journalist. One story I followed very closely those days was Teck Resources. The coal and base metals miner almost went under during the crisis, pummeled by a massive debt load. Teck’s share […]

Don’t Fret the Details. The Bottom is Here.

I cannot stop. Reading, talking, questioning, researching – the markets are so up and down, excitable and depressive, liquid and illiquid. There are so many questions, each with such a range of answers. Is the end of quantitative easing in the United States significant? Did the greatest financial experiment in the modern world work? How […]

More Evidence This Is The Golden Bottom

When precious metals struggle, investors favor bullion over stocks. It is sensible: the gold price can fall but cannot go to zero, while stock prices most certainly can. Thus bullion is safer. As a result, the ratio of gold equities to the price of gold falls in a weak market. In 2001, the post Bre-X […]

When Gold Confidently Clears $1,200 per oz…

In the last decade we saw $140 billion worth of Canadian juniors taken over. Many of the deals targeted copper projects, which means bigger fish already own many of the best copper deposits. The same is not true of gold. Some gold discoveries were taken over but many are still held by juniors. And they […]