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Uranium: Sector Outlook & Portfolio Refresh

From the Maven Letter | January 30, 2023
By Gwen Preston

I was very excited about uranium a year ago. The entry of Sprott Physical Uranium Trust (SPUT) into the market had put the spot price into a steady climb. Then Russia’s invasion of Ukraine added all kinds of supply risks the market.

I had positioned for that excitement in the fall by adding a slew of uranium stocks to the portfolio. Those stocks did not do well in 2022. With inflation, rate hikes, and recession dominating the headlines, the overall stock market slid and took uranium with it. After all, uranium is a growth story – energy always is – and growth was not at the fore.

Click the following link to read Uranium: Sector Outlook & Portfolio Refresh.

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Thank you for the update. I am actually quite glad that you are flexible with your letters to enable you to get your readers the best information. And, I appreciate your offer to join the premium newsletter. I hope to continue to build my portfolio, with the help of your newsletter, to the point where I am able to take advantage of your offer and join the pp world in the not too distant future. I have really enjoyed your newsletter, read it with interest and have aligned my commodity portfolio with your recommendations, which has worked out very well. You are clearly a very trustworthy person, which is not always commone in the world of commodity investing. Thank yo for doing what you do so the small retail investor/speculator like me can have a better chance at success.

-RR (September 2019)

I am 74 years old and despite my age, my risk tolerance is still considerable. I like base metals, but most of all I like the mine stocks you cover in your Maven letter. Thanks again for your kindness and congratulations on your work.

-RC (January 2022)