Gold Going Gangbusters

From The Maven Letter: 3 April 2024 Gold is marching higher. At close the price reached $2300 per oz. It’s a very impressive chart. As I wrote at length last week, this move is coming entirely from Asia. The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) is buying gold hand over fist. Meanwhile, putting money into gold […]

Silver Catches Gold

From Silver Stock Investor: March 2024 I like to call silver the “Rodney Dangerfield” of precious metals: it just doesn’t get the respect gold does. Why is that? Well first, gold is more valuable than silver for the same weight. In other words, it’s more concentrated wealth. That’s made gold the asset of kings and […]

Is China Controlling The Gold Price?

From The Maven Letter: 27 March 2024 An article by Jan Nieuwenhuijs, published late last week, has taken the gold investor world by storm. Everyone is talking about China Has Taken Over Gold Price Control From The West. Many have asked me what I think. Before diving into his article, let me state that I have […]

If Gold Moves Without A Reason…Is It A Bull Market?

From The Maven Letter: 20 March 2024 The Fed had its meeting. The result was as predictable as rain in Vancouver: no change in rates and a dot plot that still suggests three cuts this year but a statement that says no cuts will actually occur until the committee has more confidence inflation has been […]

Gold’s Big, Unexpected Move

From The Maven Letter: 13 March 2024 Why did gold suddenly shoot higher? Good question. It’s not because western investors are buying gold ETFs. In fact, as of a few days ago they were still selling those, creating this rather amazing chart (thanks to Brien Lundin for it) showing the gold price rising and gold […]

Uranium: Staying Long

From The Maven Letter: 28 February 2024 The spot price of uranium dropped 10% over the last two weeks…and some investors freaked out. I am not freaking out. In fact, I’m using this pullback to buy more uranium exposure. Let me explain why Uranium doubled in price over the last year because there is not […]

Silver Institute Forecast

From The Silver Stock Investor: February 2024 The Silver Institute recently released its 2024 outlook, prepared by Metals Focus research consultancy, in advance of its World Silver Survey 2024, due out in mid-April. I think it’s worth reviewing for their thoughts, along with my own, on what’s expected for this year in silver. Demand They […]

Uranium Stays Aloft: The Kazatomprom Effect

From The Maven Letter: 7 February 2024 I’ve been talking about uranium a lot – and I’m going to talk about uranium again today because developments just keep feeding the bull thesis for this market. The big news last week was Kazatomprom revealing just how much less uranium they will produce this year compared to […]

Ross Beaty Revived my Gold Optimism

From The Maven Letter: 25 January 2024 I didn’t expect to leave these conferences feeling more bullish. Perhaps the last too many years of weak mining markets have worn me down, but I had very low expectations around finding bullish sentiment. What’s notable is that I found it from some of the voices I respect […]

Oh My Uranium

From The Maven Letter: 17 January 2024 I don’t mean to inundate you with uranium updates…but it would be inappropriate not to discuss the metal that jumped 13% in the last week. I added that jump in green on the chart below because it’s very hard to get a uranium price chart with the most recent week’s […]