Prepare for Silver Corrections

From The Silver Stock Investor | Mid-month Update November 2023 Silver is volatile, there’s no denying it.  But that’s also part of its appeal. I’ve seen it time and time again. Silver will go through an extended period of sideways price action, then explode higher or sell off hard before recuperating, then go back to […]

Here Comes The NEW Green Revolution

From Evergreen Investing: October 2023 New ways of thinking catapulted fertilizer use in the mid-20th century, triggering the first Green Revolution. It’s credited with alleviating world hunger and saving countless lives. That was a true paradigm shift. In the February issue, I made the case that feeding 8 billion people today would lead to great opportunities. […]

No Simple Headline For This Mess…

From The Maven Letter: 16 November 2023 A few good data points sent markets higher this week. Key among those good data points were weak inflation numbers, showing CPI and all its permutation extended steady declines in October. That seems to have cemented the idea that rates have topped, which sent yields down so markedly […]

Central Banks Are Hungry For Gold

From The Maven Letter: 26 October 2023 I quickly wanted to highlight the latest numbers from the World Gold Council on central bank gold purchases. The below is from the Financial Times.   Putting it in chart form…   And remember that 2023 isn’t over yet – this year’s bar only shows Q1-Q3. It certainly […]

Where To From Here?

From The Maven Letter: 26 October 2023   It’s rough out there. Gold has held its recent gains, trading today around $1980 per oz., but gold stocks still can’t attract investor interest. Investors just don’t see enough risk on the horizon to start positioning for it. In the meantime, the 10-year yield bested 5% on […]

Paradigm Shifts: Massive Investment Opportunities (that require patience & timing)

From Evergreen Investing: September 2023 The term “paradigm shift” was first coined by American philosopher Thomas Kuhn in his 1962 book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. It describes fundamental change in the basic concepts of something and in the resulting practices of how that thing works or can be done. The box above, taken from good old […]

Past is Prologue: The Silver Roadmap

From The Silver Stock Investor | October 2023 In my book The Great Silver Bull, I examine how silver has behaved in previous bull markets. I outlined in this month’s intro how there are a number of forces acting right now that contribute to silver’s volatility and weakness. With this in mind let’s review and […]

Things To Do Now

From The Maven Letter: 11 October 2023   Metals markets are boring boring boring. A few stocks are doing well but all others are sideways at best, sliding if worse. And there’s no reason to think this will change soon. Metals move when shortages come to the fore. Many metals will move into shortage over […]

Approaching Peak Silver?

From The Silver Stock Investor | September 2023 In my last few issues I discussed the technologies involved in solar panels, and how they not only need silver, but require increasing amounts of the precious metal. I also examined that increasing demand and why it looks primed to continue climbing unabated for years, if not […]

Deglobalization Leverages Green Investing Opportunities

From Evergreen Investing: August 2023 The green transition is a paradigm shift. This matters to us at Evergreen Investing because paradigm shifts create major investment opportunities and new ways of operating that replace longstanding setups. This shift is changing how the world moves, builds, eats, lives, and works. And big change like this requires big […]