Silver Can be Volatile

We know from history that silver is volatile. Many times, in between those bouts of volatility, it can become downright quiet, even boring. The metal goes through price spikes that can be enormous, yet often short lived. That’s a double-edged sword. But knowing silver behaves this way can make it easier to accept. What’s more, […]

Doubling Down On Uranium – After Sprott Went WAY Bigger

Before anything else, I have to touch base on uranium again. Let me start with the conclusion: buy. If you are not positioned, consider that uranium has gone from US$30 per lb. three weeks ago to US$42.50 per lb. today. The gains are happening because the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust is buying uranium in the […]

Uranium: A $300-Million Elephant Just Entered The Room

A friend of mine who has been in the uranium space for years sends me a daily uranium price update. Uranium is an opaque sector – there’s no spot price that you can just look up – so it’s great that he shares the pricing info he gets from a few (expensive) subscription services with […]